Mar 20, 2023
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Jul 17, 2023 05:25 AM


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a. 开头

Many people today frequent fast-food restaurants because of the fast pace of life and irregular working hours. Fast food can affect families adversely and also cause some problems at the societal level.

b. 主一

The reliance on fast food rather traditional diets has become a health issue in some societies, where the number of overweight people has increased dramatically.
It is not only because fast food is high in fat, sugar, salt and calories but also because fast food is served in large portions.
Regular consumption of this kind of food, such as hamburgers and pizzas, leads to obesity and increases the risk of suffering from heart diseases and other health problems.
It can impose a strain on the medical system of society as more people visit doctors for diet-related illnesses.
In contrast, traditional home-cooked dishes are considered to be beneficial to health as they use fresh ingredients.

c. 主二

Another social issue is the potential impact on traditional cuisine.
Traditional food in the world is diverse in the ingredients, cooking styles and flavors, showing the evolution of cuisine in different regions.
People can traditionally relish the diversity of options available for them when they eat out, but now, the risk is that fast food chains will change the landscape of catering businesses.
Fast food franchises have advantages in price and convenience, and small restaurants that specialize in traditional dishes may thus go bankrupt.
Before long, consumers might find that their diet has become increasingly monotonous and that they cannot enjoy a varied diet as before.

d. 主三

The change in eating habits can also be harmful to family relationships, as people attend family meals less frequently.
They may prefer to order takeaways and have restaurants deliver a meal to their offices, in order to work longer hours.
The consequence is that they hardly go home to eat a meal with their family and talk about issues like problems their children experience at school and a difficult situation their spouses might have to handle in the office.
This may weaken the bonding with loved ones and create a sense of isolation.

e. 结尾

I therefore strongly agree with the idea that fast food can have a negative impact on both families and society. It would erode family life and cause a higher medical cost and a loss of diversity in cuisine.